c/n 4832

Model 1049H-03-152 Super Constellation N7134C

Delivered 28 October 1957 to National Airlines as N7134C. Originally with tip-tanks fitted.

N7134C Super Constellation seen taxiing at New York Idlewild airport in 1958.
Zoggavia Collection.

Stored at Sao Tome since 1970, now in use as a centerpiece along with CF-NAL forms the airport restaurant. by April 2013.

CF-NAM Nordair Canada Ltd
February 66
- December 68

Sold to Nordair 18 December 1964 and registered CF-NAM. Updated to L-1049H/06-03 after storage at Montreal Dorval airport during 1965. Entered service with Nordair as a 110 Seater in Spring 1966. Leased to Sudair from March to May 1966.

Here seen at Montreal Dorval 1967, Zoggavia Collection.

CF-NAM Canairerelief / Jointchurchaid
May 69 - January 70

Sold to CanRelief Air Ltd 24 April 1969 and delivered Montreal Sao Tome 2 June 1969. Used on Biafra airlift, with Kebec insigna and titling on nose. Later also carried Jointchurchaid on cabin roof. Stored at Sao Tome from January 1970 for sale

Good visible the Krebec titles on nose. Photo taken before ferry flight to Sao Tome, May 1969. Zoggavia Collection
CF-NAM ex Canairerelief / Jointchurchaid
July 75 - end of 2012

Sale to Canadian freight charter operator in 1974 fell through when Canadian Government refused export permit for onward sale to Air Trans Africa /Rodesia).

The Super Connie in 1974 with titles removed, in Biafra camouflage with blue top. Zoggavia Collection

CF-NAM ex Canairerelief / Jointchurchaid
January 70
- June 1974

Stored at Sao Tome for 37 years with condition very poor and considerable corrosion. Since April 2013 in use as an airport restaurant together with sister ship CF-NAL.

The Super Constellation in a sorry stat, taken in 1986, Zoggavia Colection.