c/n 4519

Model 1049C/55-81 Super Constellation F-BGNJ

Delivered to Air France as F-BGNJ 10 November 1953. Converted to L-1049E/01-55 and later to L-1049G/0282 standard. Modified to 82-Seater Tourist class configuration.

seen here at Basel-Mulhouse airport in the early 1960s,
Zoggavia Collection.

Damaged at Paris Orly in July 1960 and at Nice July 1961, repaired and in use until 13 November 1963 and stored at Orly. 

Being restored in Air France colors as F-BGNJ at Chateau Bougon airport at Nantes,
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EC-BEN Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces SA
September 66 - July 67

F-BGNJ Air France
August 68 - September 68

F-BRAD Catair
December 69 - April 73

F-BRAD on display
74 - 99

F-BGNJ Air France
99 - current

Sold to TAE as EC-BEN and painted in full colors but never taken up. Remained in storage until 4 July 1967.

Here seen at Paris Orly in 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Restored to Air France as F-BGNJ August 1968, later sold to Air Frêt and used in Biafra airlift

Paris Le Bourget in September 1968 after selling to Air Frêt to become F-BRAD, Zoggavia Collection.

After use on routes between France, Libreville, and Sao Tomé/Uli sold to Catair in December 69 for passenger and freight hauling use within Europe.

Resting at Paris Le Bourget airport in summer 1972, Zoggavia Collection

Sold back to Air Frêt and transferred from Cormeilles-Pontoise to Nimes-Garons in May 1973 and was used until 22 June 1973. Transferred to Chateau Bougon airport at Nantes and used as a tourist attraction. Later painted in the colors of the Super Constellation prototype (c/n1961s) by 1975.

Photo taken at Nantes end of the 70s, Zoggavia Collection.

Later bought by
the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to contract superconstellation-nantes.fr association to undergo a complete restoration of the old ship.

Photo taken October 2009, superconstellation-nantes.fr