c/n 4382

Model WV-3/1049A-55-95

Delivered to US Navy as 137895 on 26 April 1955. To VW-3 Agana. VW-4 Jacksonville, Coded MH-3 by April 1958. Recoded MH-5 by 1961.  Re-designated WC-121N by 1962. Transferred to Davis Monthan for storage 26 January 1967. Flown to Ontario, CA, 1967 and converted by Lockheed Aircraft Service (LAS) to EC-121R for US Air Force as 67-21471.

Seen at MASDC just before scrapping,  March 1977, Zoggavia Collection via R.R. Leader.

553 Reconnaissance Wing, Korat. 552AEW & CW, McClellan by March 1971. Transferred to MASDC, Davis Monthan, for storage 30 June 71. Scrapped by September 1977.