c/n 2650

Model 749A-79-52 N6014C

3 November 1950 to TWA as N6014C 'Star of Delaware' FN 814. 

N6014C on a test flight prior to delivery in October 1950, Lockheed Archives via Clinton H. Groves.

Used both on domestic and international network, assumed 29'559 hrs until 30 June 1960.

Destroyed by fire at Lomé, Togo 22 October 1977 and remains later used for fire practice.

N6014C TWA
November 50 - March 67

N273R Central American Airways
October 67 - March 73

N273R World Citizens International
July 73 - October 74

N273R CIM leased to Lanzair
November 74 - October 1976

N273R CIM L-749A
April 77 - February 1980

Used on domestic network only until 27 march 1967 and stored at Kansas City, MO.

N6014C wearing the typical TWA globe colors of the sixties.

Picture taken in winter 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Sold to Central Amercian Airways Flying Service 5 October 1967, registered N273R, and used for passenger charter work together with a DC-3 and a Martin 4-0-4.

This photo shows the attractive color scheme September 1970, Zoggavia Collection.

Sold to World Wide Leasing 23 May 1973 which then leased the Connie to the World Citizens Travel Club and named 'Miss America'.

Here seen in Miami, FL in August 1974, Zoggavia Collection

Sold to CIM Associates Inc. Leased to Lanzair, Ireland and delivered Fort Lauderdale, FL to Shannon, Ireland. Stored until 10 August 1976.

N273R seen at Shannon, Ireland in August 1976, Zoggavia Collection.

Impounded Lomé, Togo when landed due to mechanical problems 16 November 1976. Aircraft was abandoned by crew. Taxied April to a different position by April 1977 and later in summer CIM's worker tried to make the Connie airworthy. On 22 October 1977 a fire broke out and destroyed the aircraft.

Photo of the remaining parts taken at Lomé, 23 February 1980, Chris Mak Collection.