c/n 2565

Model 749-79-31 Constellation VH-EAB

Originally laid down for KLM but completed for Qantas a VH-EAB 'Lawrence Hargrave' and delivered 10 October 1947. 

VH-EAB seen during a test flight near the coast of California, September 1947, Lockheed Archives.

Sold to BOAC 26 February 1955, named 'Basildon' and used as a 60-seater Tourist Class aircraft. Withdrawn from service 17 July 1958 and stored at London Heathrow.

Scrapped at Montevideo, Uruguay in the 1970's.

G-ANUR Skyways
September 62 - August 65

G-ANUR Euravia
September 62 - July 65

G-ANUR Britannia Airways
January 1965 - July 1965

G-ANUR ACE Freighters
July 1965 - September 1966

CX-BHC Aerolineas Uruguayas
January 68 - January 1970

Leased to Skyways in July 1959 and fitted with rear freight door in early 1960. Sold to Skyways 2 July 1962.

Here seen at Basel-Mulhouse airport in summer 1962. Zoggavia collection.

Taken over by Euravia by 1. September 1962 and used as 82-seater for European IT charter work or cargo aircraft.

Seen at Liverpool airport in summer 1963, Bob O'Brian Collection.




Britannia Airways used the Connie as a back-up aircraft. Small Britannia titles were used above the rear passenger door.

Photo taken at London Heathrow in 1965,
Zoggavia collection.

G-ANUR in ACE colors though without titles on a wet day. ACE went bankrupt on 16 September 1966 and the aircraft was returned to Britannia Airways (successor of Euravia) and stored at Coventry (UK)

London Gatwick April 1966
, Zoggavia Collection.

Had various owners before delivered Coventry - Miami in May 1967 and later registered CX-BHC of Aerolineas Uruguayas. Delivered ex Miami in May 1968. The company ceased operations in 1969 and the aircraft was stored in Montevideo and was eventually scrapped in 1970.

Here seen prior the delivery flight in Miami May 1968, Zoggavia collection.