c/n 2549

Model 649-79-22 Constellation NC86535

Planned for TWA as NC86535 but order cancelled. Then allocated for Air Ceylon, modified to 749-79-32 for Aerlinte as EI-ACS 'Saint Patrick' and delivered 16 September. Stored from February 1948 until sale to BOAC as G-ALAL 'Banbury'. Converted to 749A and modified to 60-Seater Tourist Class.

G-ALAL seen here during a stop over at Hong Kong 1956, Scott Henderson Collection.

Leased to Skyways July 1959 and fitted with rear cargo door by BOAC at Heathrow during early 1960. Sold to Skyways 13 June 1962.

Broken up at Miami in autumn of 1974.

G-ALAL Euravia
September 62 - August 65

G-ALAL Euravia
September 62 - August 65

G-ALAL ACE Freighters
February 65 - September 66

OB-R-899 Copisa
June 67 -  July 67

OB-R-899 Copisa no titles
July 67-  September 71

OB-R-899 Lance W. Dreyer
December 72 -  September 1974
Taken over from Skyways 1 September 1962 and repainted in Euravia colors  in May 1963.

Photo taken in summer  of 1964, Scott Henderson Collection.

Another shot of this Connie awaiting passengers on a rainy day at Heathrow 1963, Scott Henderson Collection.

Bought from Euravia 4 February 1965. Sustained damage to No. 2 engine and propeller at Karachi in August 1965, repaired. ACE went bankrupt in September 1966.

Seen at Coventry in May 1965, Scott Henderson Collection.

Bought from liquidators of ACE and delivered ex-Coventry 15 April 1974. Sold to Copisa and painted in their colors 5 July 1967. However aircraft was not accepted and was cancelled in favor of c/n 2548.

Miami July 1967
, Zoggavia Collection.

The registration was painted out until July 1968 and the aircraft was stored without any identification marks at Miami. Sold to Nelson Puente by September 1971, various other owners followed.

Here seen complete and in good condition in April 1968.

Possessed by Air Agency (MIA airport ramp operator) for non-payment of parking fees. Derelict by mid 1970. Sold to W. Dreyer for spares and finally broken up in autumn of 1974.

Seen in a derelict state in 1972, Zoggavia Collection.