c/n 2528

Model 749-79-22 Constellation NC86530

Laid down originally for TWA as NC86530 later changed to Pan American.  Delivered to t24 August 1947 'Clipper Monarch of the Skies' and registered N86530. Damaged in a mid-air collision with a Cessna 140 over Port Washington, NY on 30 January 1950. Repaired and sold to Air France as F-BAZY 7 January 1950, converted to 749-79-46 and entered service 21 October 1950.

F-BAZY seen being serviced at Orly in 1953, Scott Henderson Collection.

Modified to 65-Seater all Tourist-Class by 1956.

Scrapped by 1971.

October 60 - December 69

Sold to SGAC October 1960 and converted to SAR configuration at Toulouse between October 1960 and March 1961. Used also by EARS 99 Squadron, Armée de l'Air with call sign F-SSY. Withdrawn from use by 31 December 1969 and transferred to St Yan for storage. (TT: 34'720 hrs). Auctioned at Macon 26 October 1971 and sold for scrap.

Photo taken April 1971 at St. Yan, Zoggavia Collection.