c/n 2520

Model 649-84-24 Constellation NC103A

Converted on line to 649-79-12 for Eastern Air Lines. Delivered 22 May 1947, later converted to 649A and to 749A in 1950. Sold to California Airmotive 10 January 1961, leased then to Associated Air Transport 23 June 1961 before leasing to Modern Air Transport in 1964. Sold to MAT in August 1964 and operated until June 1965. Periods of storage followed until 25 June 1967 when the Connie was sold to Cov-Air Inc. and delivered to San Juan, PR. Sold to Quisqueyana and delivered 30 August 1967, re-registered HI-140.

Still wearing old MAT colors at San Juan April 1968, Zoggavia Collection.

Withdrawn from use at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in April 1972, after electrical problems and possible undercarriage collapse.

HI-140 in the old Quisqueyana colors shortly after the accident at
Santo Domingo in April 1972, Nicky Scherrer Collection.

Scrapped by 1976.

N103A Modern Air Transport
June 64 - June 65

Leased from California Airmotive in June 1964, purchased by MAT in August 1964 and used until mid 1965. Stored at Mercer County, Trenton, NJ until transferred to Miami in 1966.

Photo taken Summer 1964
, Zoggavia Collection.