c/n 2085

Model 49-51-25 Constellation NC90823

Completed for TWA and registered NC90823, converted to 49-46-25 and delivered to TWA as 'Star of the Yellow Sea', FN 512, 28 March 1947. Last First Class service 14 December 1952, converted to coach class configuration and re-entered service with TWA  12 February 1953. Involved in heavy in-flight turbulence leading to passenger injuries 25 August 1960. Sold to Nevada Airmotive Corporation 31 March 1962 after assuming of 45'523 hrs. Sold to McCulloch properties Inc. 12 February 1964.

Here seen on final approach to Los Angeles, CA, airport in summer 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Here seen as HI-270 in the colors of Qusiqueyana at Santo Domingo in 1977,
Zoggavia Collection.

This particular Connie operated the world's last 049 scheduled passenger schedule from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to San Juan, PR and return on 19 January 1978.

Broken up at Santo Domingo in first week of July 1980.

N90823 Lake Havasu City
February 64  - May 70

N90823 Trans Florida Airlines
May 72 - July 76

HI-270 Quisqueyana
July 76 - April 78

HI-270 Quisqueyana
July 76 - April 78

Bought from Nevada Airmotive on 12 February 1964 until sold to Allied Aircraft sales 15 May 1970

Photographed at Long Beach, CA in late 1968, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

The Connie had various owners, Harlow L. Jones 1970, Southwestern Skyways 1970, Westernair of Albuquerque 1970. Stored until March 1971 when in use with Full Gospel Native Missionary Inc. (owner CT Buchanan) in Haiti together with c/n 2070. Stored at Long Beach until 26 May 1972 when sold to Trans Florida and delivered to Daytona Beach, FL. (TT: 49'129)

This photo was taken at Daytona Beach, FL in September 1975,
Zoggavia Collection.

Bought by Quisqueyana and delivered to Santo Domingo 4 July 1976 and entered scheduled service on the San Juan route. Made last flight as a cargo back-up aircraft and was withdrawn from use at SDQ, by 3 April 1978. Sold to Trado for spares or re-sale. Negotiations for restoration and negotiations with the Science Museum in London started April 1980. Deal fell through due to problems with financing arrangements and the aircraft was subsequently scrapped in 1980.

Photographed on the ramp of SDQ in 1976,
Zoggavia Collection.

Seen at San Juan departing on a mid-day schedule to Santo Domingo in 1977, Zoggavia Collection.