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Model 49-51-26 Constellation F-BAZA

Built for Air France and converted to 49-46-26 before delivered as F-BAZA on 18 September 1946. Sold to Hughes Tool Co. and delivered 20 February 1950 (TT: 4'390 hrs) and registered N9412H. Transferred to TWA 14 May 1950 and in service by 3 June 1950 as 'Star of the Azores' FN 520.

N9412H in old TWA colors taking off in 1953,
Zoggavia Collection.

Converted to Coach Class at Fairfax after last First Class service 5 February 1952. Re-entered service 23 March 1952. Sold to California Airmotive 26 August 1959 (TT: 34'970 hrs).  Resold to Las Vegas Hacienda 22 September 1959. Leased to World Wide Airlines 13 July 1962, later to Royal Air Burundi December 1962. Returned from lease June 1963, then leased to Edde Airlines and back to Las Vegas Hacienda by 23 April 1965. Sold to McCulloch properties 10 May 1966. Sold to Hawthorne Nevada Airlines 3 June 1968.

The Connie seen here at  Long Beach, CA in 1968, Zoggavia Collection.

Preserved as Flight School Office at Greenwood Lake Airport, West Milford, NJ

N9412H Air Nevada
June 68 - September 69

N9412H Air Nevada
June 68 - September 1969

N9412H Frank Lembo
May 76 - December 1979
Flight school office - current

Painted in Air Nevada colors 16 March 1969.

Here seen on final approach Lake Tahoe in June 1969,
Zoggavia Collection.

Stored at Long Beach, CA from September 1969

Photo showing the Connie at Long Beach April 1970, Zoggavia Collection.

Sold to Produce Custom Airfreight 20 July 72 and flown to Phoenix, AZ March 1973. Stored Buckeye, AZ in Air Nevada markings, later sold to Frank Lembo Enterprise for use as a restaurant. Flown to Nairobi Airport, Greenwood Lake, NJ landing on the 900m runway.

See the arrival at Greenwood Lake Airport
in July 1977, Zoggavia Collection.

The aircraft is preserved and in good condition.