c/n 2070

Model 49-51-26 Constellation PH-TAW

This Constellation was built for KLM and registered PH-TAW 'Walcheren, but remained at Burbank and converted to 49-46-26. Delivered to KLM 11 September 1946. Planned sale to Swissair (unconfirmed). To Lockheed Aircraft Corp.. (trade-in for L-749's) 15 October 1949 and registered N6000C. Sold to Hughes Tool Co. 11 November 1949 and resold to TWA and converted to TWA's standards by 12 April 1950, named 'Star of Newfoundland' FN 519; used on domestic network until converted to Coach Class 18 February 1953. Sold to Las Vegas Hacienda on 15 May 1961 (TT: 39'638) . Leased to World Wide Airlines in 1961, then leased to Standard Airways in 1963 and to Dellair in early 1964. Sold to McCulloch properties via Transworld Insurance Brokers 11 March 1965. 

Photo taken at Los Angeles in fall 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Broken up end of June 1980 at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

N6000C Lake Havasu City
March 65 - May 70

N6000C Native Missionary
March 71 - May 1972

N6000C Trans Florida Airlines
May 72 - December 75

N6000C Trans Florida Airlines
May 72 - December 75

Painted in new colors and seen here in storage beginning of 1970, Bob Gerrard.

Bought by Full Gospel Native Missionary Inc. 19 March 1971 and used for flights to Haiti, see c/n 2085. Aircraft sored at Long Beach most of the time and later at Love Field, TX by May 1972.

Photo taken April 1971, Nicky Scherrer.

Delivered to Trans Florida Airlines 26 May 1972 and used by the Holiday Hunters Travel Club from 1973 until 1975.

Here pictured at Daytona Beach, FL in September 1975, Zoggavia Collection..

Bought by Quisqueyana in December 1975 (TT:45'833 hrs) and delivered to the Dominican Republic end of the year. Entered scheduled passenger service between Santo Domingo and San Juan, PR until October 1977.  Stored and used for spare. Qusiqueyana ceased operations in May 1978. Damaged by Hurricane David on 31 August 1979. The derelict aircraft was sold to Trado end of 1979 and finally broken up last week of July 1980.

Photographed at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in July 1978,
Zoggavia Collection.