c/n 2068

Model 49-51-26 Constellation PH-TAU

This Constellation was built for KLM and registered PH-TAU 'Utrecht', but remained at Burbank and converted to 49-46-26. Planned sale to Swissair (unconfirmed). To Lockheed Aircraft Corp.. (trade-in for L-749's) 8 June 1950 and registered N86531. Converted to 049-46-59 for Capital Airlines as 'Capitaliner United States', FN 750 and delivered 14 July 1950.

B & W photo taken 1957, Capital Airlines Archive.

Stored by December 1960 (TT: 32'180 hrs.) and sold to Modern Air Transport 27 July 1961.


Nice Kodachrome slide taken Oakland August 1962, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

'Crash landing' discotheque at New Orleans.

N86531 Modern Air Transport
July 62 -  July 65

Out of use by mid 1965 and sold to Pasco Aviation Inc. 15. July 1966

Photo taken in summer 1965, Zoggavia Collection.

ex N86531 "Crash Landing" discotheque
1973 - 1981

Sold to Crash Landing 21 January 1973, flown to Moisant airport and dismantled for transportation to the "Crash Landing" bar / nightclub at Metairie, New Orleans, LA. Various owners thereafter.

Pictured in New Orleans April 1980, Peter F. Peyer.

ex  N86531 "Crash Landing"
- 1981

Another view of this Connie, Peter F. Peyer