c/n 2065
Model 49-51-27 Constellation NC90927

Delivered to American Overseas as NC90927 20 May 1946. Carried various names 'Flagship Norway, Detroit, and Glasgow'. Converted to 049-46-27 and sold to Pan American 'Clipper Wings of the Morning' 25 September 1950. Sold to BOAC 1 December 1952 and converted to 049D and later 049E.

Boarding G-AMUR for a next flight in 1954, airport eventually Kuala Lumpur, Zoggavia Collection

Re-registered G-AMUR and delivered 6 February 1953 named 'Barnstaple'.

Broken up Trenton 1967.

N2739A Capital Airlines
February 55 -  September 60

Sold to Capital Airlines April 1955 as N2739A FN 759. Stored by 1960 and sold to Modern Air Transport August 1961 (TT 31686hrs.) but never operated by MAT.

Unknown US airport in 1956, Zoggavia Collection.