c/n 2056

Model 49-51-26 Constellation NC88856

Delivered to Pan American World Airways 15 April 1946. Names 'Clipper Paul Jones' and later possibly 'Clipper Portugal'. Converted to 049-46-26. Registered later N88856.

NC88856 seen being serviced together with another Pan American L-049 Constellation at Stephenville in May 1948,

Sold to Panair do Brasil as PP-PDC in October 1950. Was involved in an accident where the port undercarriage retracted while the aircraft was in a hangar at Rio in January 1956. Repaires and named later 'Domingos Dios Prado'. Belly-landed at Recife, Brazil, 14 February 1959 following nose-wheel undercarriage failure. Repaired. Sidded off wet runway landing at Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on 26 January 1961.

Subsequently retired from service and used for spares and broken up.