c/n 2053

Model 49-51-27 Constellation N90923

This Constellation was built for American Overseas as NC90923, named 'Flagship Great Britain' and delivered 29 March 1946.

NC90923 L-049 Constellation prior its delivery to American Overseas Airlines, at Burbank, CA  March 1946, Lockheed Archives.

Believed to be the first AOA Connie at LHR 31 May 1946. Sold to Pan American 'Clipper Golden Rule' 25 September 1950.

Broken up 1969 at Lancaster, CA

N90923 Delta Airlines
February 56 - June 58

N90923 American Flyers Airline
April 60 - September 67

N90923 American Flyers Airline
April 60 - September 67
Sold to Delta C&S 1 February 1956 and converted to 72-Seater Coach Class, FN503. Stored at LAS, Idlewild, NY for sale by June 1958.

Photo taken IDL 1959, Peter J. Marson Collection.

Sold to American Flyers Airline 1 April 1960, FN 503, later 923.

Photo taken in 1961, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

Pictured here around 1962, Zoggavia Collection.

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