c/n 1980

Model 49-46-10 Constellation 42-94559

This Constellation was built for USAAF but not taken up and registered NC90606. Converted to 49-51-26 by LAS, NY, for BOAC. Delivered as G-AHEN 'Baltimore' on 6 April 1946. Converted to 49-46-26 and in service 31 August 1946. Damaged after overshooting at Filton-Bristol on a training flight January 1951. Aircraft shipped as deck cargo to New York for rebuild with parts of c/n 1966. Sold to K. Kerkorian, Los Angeles Air Services as N74192. Leased to California Hawaiian Airlines in 60-Seater configuration April 1952.

Seen here during routine maintenance at Los Angeles in 1952, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

Leased to U S Airlines in one stage (still in CHA colors). Sold to EL AL as 4X-AKD October 1953. Damaged by fire at Lod in April 1958 but repaired.

Photo taken at London Heathrow 1962, Scott Henderson Collection.

Sale to Switzerland as HB-IED (registered 24 February 1959) but not taken up. Stored at Tel Aviv during 1961until sold to Universal Sky Tours in February 1962, converted to 049D and in service with Euravia as G-AHEN in April 1962.

Scrapped Luton between in May 1965, TT: 29'303 hrs.

G-AHEN Skyways L-049
May 62 - April 65

May 62 - April 65

Bought from EL AL by Universal Sky Tours in February 1962. Ownership transferred to Euravia in May 1963. To Britannia Airways 2 February 1965 and withdrawn from use 21 April 1965

Seen here at Heathrow in summer 1964
, Scott Henderson Collection,