c/n 1976

Model 49-46-10 Constellation LO 42-94555

This Constellation was built for USAAF but not taken up. Converted to 49-11-26 by LAS New York, NY for BOAC registered as G-AHEK 'Berwick' and delivered 6 April 1946. Converted to 049-46-26, later to 65-seater, all tourist class in 1952, Model 049D by October 1952 and 049E in July 1953. Sold to Capital Airlines 27 February 1955 as N2737A FN757 and in service with the airline by 28 March 1955.

Nice shot of this Connie taken San Francisco in summer 1960, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

Leased Coastal Cargo, summer 1958, later Coastal Air Lines. Sold to Miami Aircraft & Engine Sales 14.April 1961. Crashed 8 November 1961while in service with Imperial Aitlines.

N2737A Capital Airlines

March 55 - November 60

Bought from BOAC ex G-AHEK  27 February 1955and entered service 28.3.1955 (TT: ca. 32'000 hours)

The Connie leaving the ramp at New York^s Idelwild airport in May 1955. Zoggavia collection.

N2737A Imperial Airlines
May 61 - November 61

Leased from Miami Aircraft and Engine Sales on 2 May 1961. Made emergency landing at Prestwick, en route Gander - Copenhagen 11 July 61. Bought by Imperial Airlines 14 July 1961. Crashed 8 November 1961 at Byrd airport, Richmond, VA with heavy loss of life. 74 passengers and threee of the 5 crew were killed.

The Connie in Imperial colors seen here at LGW in July 1961,
Scott Henderson Collection.