c/n 1975
Model 49-46-10 Constellation 42-94554

Not taken up by USAAF, registered NC90602 and converted LAS New York, NY for BOAC, registered G-AHEJ 'Bristol'. In service by 1 July 1946 and first BOAC schedule to New York same day.

G-AHEJ 'Bristol II' taxiing at New York La Guardia airport in summer 1946, Zoggavia Collection.

G-AHEJ two years later during a stop at Stephensville, Canada. Zoggavia Collection.

Converted to 049-46-26, later to 65-seater, all tourist class in 1952, Model 049D by October 1952 and 049E in July 1953. Sold to Capital Airlines 28 May 1955 as N2740A FN 760. Leased to Coastal Cargo 1958 and later stored until sold to Falcon Airways January 1961. (TT: 31'686 on sale).

Here seen at Biggin Hill spring 1961, Scott Henderson Collection.

Bought from Capital Airlines in 1961 and ferried from Washington to Hurn on 21 January 1961. Used for crew training in February 1962 but never entered service with Falcon. Ferried to Biggin Hill 25 February 1962 for use as spares. Sold to Trans European for spares and later to Aero-Transport in December 1962.

Broken up Biggin Hill by end of 1962.