c/n 1970

Model 49-46-10 Constellation LO 42-94549

Good quality red-border Kodachrome slide taken during an open day in May 1946,
though some light shades. Please note the c/n 1970 applied on nose, Zoggavia Constellation.

This Constellation was built for USAAF and delivered 28 April 1945. Transferred to War Assets Administration 23 June 1947.

Pima County Air Museum 1970, preserved in full TWA colors - current.

N90831 TWA
October 48 - April 61

N90831 Lake Havasu City
December 65 - April 70

N90831 Lake Havasu City
December 65 - April 70

N90831 Lake Havasu City
December 65 - April 70

N90831 USAF Museum
September 70 - February 1980

N90831 TWA
February 1980 - Current

Sold to Hughes Tool and modified for TWA as Model 049-46-25 and delivered Burbank as NC90831 'Star of  Switzerland' FN 517.
Photo taken June 1955, Zoggavia Collection.

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Sold to Mc Culloch Properties, trading as Lake Havasu City, Long Beach, CA 23 July 1965.

Photo showing the Connie in the 2nd color scheme taken at Long Beach July 1967, Zoggavia Collection.

Pictured in 1968 wearing the new colors, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

Photo taken in Long Beach in November 1969. Sold to Southwestern Skyways owned by Harlow L. Jones with a total time of 41'908 hrs., Zoggavia Collection.

Traded by Harlow L. Jones to USAF Museum in exchange for HU-16B Albatross 51-7178 at Pima County Museum Az, in September 1970.
Restoratiuon work began in 1977, by volunteer TWA personnel.

Photo taken Pima County Summer 1975, Zoggavia Collection.

The aircraft restored in full TWA markings 'Star of Switzerland' FN 517, with silver cabin roof. TWA restorers have devoted over 7000 man hrs. to the work. Oldest Constellation and only C-69 existant, Zoggavia Collection.

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