c/n 1968

Model 49-46-10 Constellation 43-10316

Delivered to USAAF 11 May 1945, retained and stored at Burbank until sold to A. Schwimmer registered as NC90829. Operated under Service Airways until conversion at Burbank to 049. Took up registration RX-121 under Lineas Aereas de Panama S.A. Flew via Panama to Europe and joined Israeli Service end of 1948. Demaged in a landing accident at Brno, Czechoslavakia. Temporalrely repaired and flown to Amsterdam. Registration was changed from RX- to 4X-121 after Panamanian authorithies  cancelled the RX- registration in September 1948. Aircraft was serialled 2401 with IDFAF in November 1948 , but not painted on aircraft.

4X-121with Panama Air Lines titling  parked at Amsterdam Schiphol airport just before its ferry flight to the United States. September 1949, Zoggavia Collection.

Ferried back to Burbank for full repairs and registered N90829. Sold to El Al in April 1951 and converted later to 149, or 249 standard.

4X-AKC together with her sister ships AKB and AKA, Tel Aviv in the early 50s, Eddie Coates Collection.

Shot down by Bulgarian MiG 15 fighters few miles from the Greece - Bulgarian boarder on 27 July 1955. Read more about El Al flight 402.

Crashed in flames north of Petrich, Bulgaria.

4X-AKC El AL L-049
May 51 - July 55

EL AL acquired a fourth Connie which enabled the flight frequency to be raised on the trans-Atlantic and European routes. Zurich was served once a week starting in 1954. Here 4X-AKC seen together with a KLM Convair CV-240 at Zurich Kloten airport.

Photo taken in June 1955, Zoggavia Collection.