c/n 1963

Model 49-46-10 Constellation 43-10311

Delivered to USAAF 27 October 1944, retained and stored at Burbank until sold to Darius V. Phillips as NC67952, but returned to LAC by October 1949. Converted to 049-49-59 for Capital Airlines as N67952 Capitaliner Freedom, FN 751, delivered 9 August 1950.

N67952 L-049 Constellation Capital Airlines idle at an unknown airport in 1950, Zoggavia Collection.

Converted to 049D-46-59 with TT: 29 307 hrs in July 1957. Withdrawn from use and stored at Washington national by August 1958. To Modern Air Transport 25 September 1961. Stored at Mercer County, Trenton, NJ in ex Capital markings by 1964.  Used for spares.

Broken up at Mercer County in mid 60s.