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Model 1649A-98-17 Starliner D-ALAN

Delivered to Lufthansa as D-ALAN on 20 December 1957. To LAS for conversion for freighter May 1960. Completed 27 July and named 'Neckar'. Leased to World Airways as N45512 9 July 1962 and returned to Lufthansa 13 February 1964. Used mainly on domestic passenger network.

D-ALAN seen in the BEA maintenance area at London Heathrow, winter 1965 , Zoggavia Collection.

Sold to Parker & Ransom Aircraft Sales 22 February 1966 and registered N179AV.

After the lease to TMA returned to Air Venturers, the Country Club in the Sky, 18 February 1967 via New York. Photographed during a visit to London Gatwick, wearing revised Air Venturers colors, summer 1967, Zoggavia Collection.

Aircraft, along with N7316C and N8083H, sold at auction on 18 December 2007
Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung for USD 743'000

N179AV Air Venturers
March 66 - October 68

N179AV on lease to TMA
October 66 - February 67

N179AV on lease to TMA
October 66 - February 67

N974R CJS Aircargo
December 70 - June 73

N974R Maurice Roundy
March 86 - December 07

Photo taken at the Fantasy of Flight at Polk City, FL, February 2009, Zoggavia Collection

Sold to Air Venturers, the Country Club in the Sky, 3 March 1966 and delivered to Houston, TX.

Photographed on a small airport in North America, wearing old Air Venturers colors, October 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Leased to TMA of Lebanon for scheduled Middle-East to Europe cargo flights from October 66 to February 67.

Here seen loading freight at London Heathrow, October 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Trans Mediterranean Airways Starliner on a rare visit to Basel - Mulhouse airport, November 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Re-registered N974R to CHS Leasing 28 October 1968 and later sold to sold to CJS Aircargo 29 December 1970.

Photographed during a trip to Anchorage, AK for delivery to Onyx Aviation Inc, still wearing CJS markings on outer fin, September 1973, Zoggavia Collection.

Stored Anchorage, AK until 2 June, 1974 when departed for Houston, TX where it was stored spring 1975 to spring 1976.  To Thomas Campbell July 15, 1975 and named "Ramatou U". Leased to Burns Aviation 28 April , 1976 to 7 June, 1976 and ferried to Miami, FL on  28 April, 1976. To Proimex International Ltd on 20 May, 1976 ferried to Fort Lauderdale that same month. For sale August 1977 for $14'000. To Aeroborne Enterprises September 1980 and restoration begun. Later to Maine Coast Airways (Maurice Roundy) March 1986  and  the history continued:

  • Aircraft restored 1986 to August 1988
  • First attempt at ferry flight to Auburn-Lewiston, ME on August 18, 1988 resulted in an emergency landing at West Palm Beach Airport, FL after about a ten-minute flight
  • Second attempt at ferry flight on September 19, 1988 resulted in an emergency landing at Sanford Airport, FL after about a one-hour flight
  • Parked at Sanford with only intermittent maintenance and engine runs from September 1988 to early 2000
  • Restored by Maurice Roundy early 2000 to October 2001
  • Successful thirty-minute ferry flight October 19, 2001 from Sanford to Kermit Weeks "Fantasy of Flight Museum" in Polk, FL
  • On five year loan to museum
  • Aircraft sold to Jim Thompson, a Florida land developer, in the fall of 2005
  • Aircraft donated to the U.S. Airline Industry Museum Foundation (USAIMF) by Jim Thompson and registered on September 15, 2006
  • Due to lack of a USAIMF facility, aircraft remains parked at the Fantasy of Flight Museum
  • Maurice attempted to have aircraft ownership transferred to him in January 2007 due to non-payment
  • The museum filed suit in mid-2007 to prevent Maurice from regaining ownership of the aircraft
source: conniesurvivors, Ralph M. Pettersen