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Model 1649A-98-16 Starliner I-LIRA later N8083H

Laid down for Linee Aeree Italiane as I-LIRA. Completed but not taken up and remained at the Lockheed factory. Sold to Trans World Airlines registered N8083H 16 April 1958. Converted  to TWA standards 16 April 1958 and in service on domestic and international network as FN 326 by 20 May 1958. Last pax. service with TWA 20 December 1960 and delivered to LAS for conversion to all-cargo configuration. Completed 6 March 1961 returned to TWA by 3March 1960 (TT: 8'161 hrs).  Withdrawn from use 19 April 1962 and sold to E. Bush Aviation and delivered via Miami, FL 26 October 1965. Leased to Alaska Air lines 29 April 1962 and sold to them 31 December 1962.

N8083H L-1649A Starliner seen in old Alaska Airlines colors at Kotzebue, AK on a crisp spring day in 1963, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

Withdrawn from use August 1967 and used for spares at Seattle, WA

Stored at Auburn-Lewiston Airport partially stripped of parts used for the restoration of N7316C

N8083H Prudhoe Bay Oil
December 68 - June 72

N8083H Canary Leasing Corporation
August 81 - September 83

N8083H Canary Leasing Corporation
August 81 - September 83

Restored end 1968, converted to bulk fuel-oil carrier  and sold to Red Dodge Aviation Inc. 16 November 1968. To Prudhoe Oil Distributing Co Inc 2 December 1968 and later leased to Interior Airways. To West--Air Inc 9 September 1974. Flown to Kenai, AK and stored there until May 1979 when the aircraft was auctioned for $150 by the City of Kenai, later advertised for USD 125'000.

Photo taken at Anchorage, AK June 1972, Zoggavia Collection via Nicky Scherrer.

Sold to Aeroborne Enterprises 8 May 1980 and transferred after six years of store via Anchorage to Seattle, WA and then to Chandler, AZ. Sold to Canary Island Corporation August 1981.

Photo taken at Chandler Memorial Field, AZ September 1982, Zoggavia Collection.

Extensive overhaul at Chandler completed in early 1983. Left Chandler for Central and South America February 1983.  Stuck in mud with damaged prop at remote landing field in Colombia, South America August 1983. Propeller replaced and flown to San Pedro Sula, Honduras September 1983.  Abandoned at San Pedro Sula and later acquired by Maine Coast Airways (Maurice Roundy) 23 May 1986. Ferried to Auburn-Lewiston Airport, ME via Ft Lauderdale, FL on 31 May to 1 June 1986.  Stored at Auburn-Lewiston Airport adjacent to Maurice Roundy's home.  Due to corrosion in the wings, aircraft will be restored for static display only.  Sold to Jim Thompson, a Florida land developer, and registered to him on 19 April 2006. Still on Maurice's property at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport in August 2006. Returned to Maurice in early 2007 due to non-payment.  Aircraft, along with N974R and N7316C, sold at auction on 18 December 2007 to Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung for USD 745'000