c/n 1036

sModel 1649A-98-11 Starliner F-BHBR

Delivered to Air France 'Jacques Marquette' as F-BHBR on 27 September 1957. Used on the first 'Over the Pole' training flight 26 January until 1 February 1958.

c/n 1036 F-BHBR seen at Tokyo in spring 1961.
Clinton H. Goves Collection.

Later used in an 81-seater configuration. Withdrawn from service 11 November 1963 and stored at Paris-Orly prior certificate of airworthiness expiry on 1 July 1964. More about F-BHBR in Air France Service.

LX-LGY seen idle at London Gatwick on 31 May 1967,
Scott Henderson Collection.

Broken up at Douala airport in early 1980.

LX-LGY Luxair
May 66 - January 69

LX-LGY Luxair
May 66 - January 69

LX-LGY Luxair
May 66 - January 69

TF-ERA Björn Sverrisson
August 69 - September 69

HP-501 Nittler Air Transport
September 69 - July 70

HP-501 Nittler Air Transport
September 69 - July 1970

Delivered ex Air France to Trek Airways on 19 April 1964. Registered to Luxair LX-LGY in May 1966.

Here seen departing from London Gatwick to Johannesburg in late 1966, Zoggavia Collection.

Operated last Luxair Starliner flight on 20 January 1969

Here seen at Luxembourg-Findel airport in summer 1968, Zoggavia Collection.

Another shot of LX-LGY during 1968, Zoggavia Collection

LX- registration was cancelled August 1969, became N4796, later TF-ERA owned by Björn Sverrisson for one return flight Luxembourg Tel Aviv between 17 August and 12 September 1969.

Here receiving attention to its number one engine at Luxembourg August 1969, Zoggavia Collection.

Painted up with Nittler Air Transport International titles and registered HP-501, eventually owned by Larry Raab.

Photo taken at Luxembourg September 1969, Zoggavia Collection.

Left Luxembourg 28 October 1969 and operated one flight on the Biafran airlift in January 1970. Used in the pirate TV scheme at Dublin in July 1970. Stored at Douala since early 1971. Plans of using it as a restaurant fell through. Scrapped in late 1980.

Pictured at Luxembourg in March 1970, Zoggavia Collection.