c/n 1032

Model 1649A-98-11 Starliner F-BHBP

Delivered to Air France as  F-BHBP 'Jacques Cartier' 22 August 1957 and delivered Los Angeles to Paris 31 August 1957. Later used in 81-seater configuration.

F-BHBP L-1649A Starliner in the Air France maintenance area at Paris Orly,
July 1959,
Zoggavia Collection.

Leased to Japan Air Lines during April 1960.

F-BHPB with Japan Air Lines stickers, visible under the forward entrance door, seen at Tokyo April 1960, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

Returned to Air France and back in service until withdrawn from use 11 December 1961 and subsequently stored at Paris Orly.

Scrapped during August 1967.