c/n 1030

Model 1649A-98-20 Starliner N7324C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7323C FN 323, 'Star of the Danube' 22 August 1957 .

N7324C seen in passenger configuration in early 1958, Zoggavia Collection.

Last pax. service with TWA 30 January 1961, to LAS for all-cargo configuration
same day. Returned to TWA 28 April 1961. Withdrawn from service and put in storage at Mid-Continent, Kansas 20 June 1964.
N7324C L-1649A parked idle at Chicago ramp in April 1964, Zogggavia Collection.

Sold eventually to Lineas Aereas Patagonica Argentina SA 19 October 1964 as LV-ILN. Remained in storage at Mid-Continent Airport, Kansas City, as N7324C until sold to Aero-Tech Inc. 24 May 1968.
Stored and later scrapped at Zandery, Paramaribo in the late 80s.

N7324C  Trans American Leasing Inc.
December 68 - 69

Leased to Trans American Leasing Inc. by December 1968. Damaged beyond repair when the aircraft hit trees during take-off at night at Zandery airport, Paramaribo, Suriname, in late 1968. Owner quoted as Six T-Ranch. The Starliner returned to Zandery and was declared write-off and abandoned.

Photo of the L-1649A more or less complete taken at the same place in October 1981, Zoggavia Collection.