c/n 1029

Model 1649A-98-20 Starliner N7323C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7323C FN 323, 'Star of the Aegean Sea' 6 August 1957 . Last pax. service with TWA 22 January 1961, to LAS for all-cargo configuration same day. Returned to TWA 14 April 1961. Withdrawn from service and put in storage at Mid-Continent, Kansas 27 March 1964. Sold to Charles E. Bush 9 December 1965 and flown to Fort Lauderdale, FL and stored there from early 1966. Repainted in an unusual yellow/brown color scheme by 1968.
N7323C L-1649A seen in the new paint scheme but no engines installed,
Fort Lauderdale May 1969, Zoggavia Collection.

Remained in storage at FLL until June 1970 and reduced to spares until end 1970.