c/n 1027

Model 1649A-98-11 Starliner F-BHBM

Delivered to Air France registered F-BHBM 'De Grasse' and delivered to Paris 23 July 1957.

F-BHBM seen at Tokyo in 1960, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

The Starliner was en route Brazzaville, Congo to Paris, France as AF406 via Bangui, Central Africa and Fort Lamy, Chad. It had left Fort Lamy on 9 May 1961 at 21.18hrs, en route for Marseilles, France, and the last radio contact was made at 00.10 hrs over Edjele. The aircraft disintegrated in mid-air while flying at 20'500 feet at approx. 00.30 hrs and descended at high speed into the desert, with the tail unit and wingtips found nearly 750m away from the main wreckage. The cause was never found, though it is thought that the empennage broke away as a result of the detonation of a nitrocellulose explosive device.

Crashed  In Amenas, in the Sahara Desert, killing all 78 occupants on board, 10 May 1961.