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Model 1649A-98-16 Starliner I-LAMA later N8081H

Laid down for Linea Aeree Italiane , completed for LAI, but not taken up due to merger with Alitalia. Sold to Trans World Airlines registered N8081H 5 June 1958 and rebuild to TWA standards.  Completed 29 June 1958 and entered service o0n international network as FN 329. Delivered to LAS for all-cargo configuration after last passenger service 9 January 1961. Returned to TWA 3 April and used until 2 May 1962.  Put in storage at Mid-Continent, Kansas and re-entered service as engine carrier 3 June 1962 and remained in service until 30 December 1966. Sold to California Airmotive Corporation 29 August 1967. Leased to Aerovias Halcon May 1968 until December 1968.
N8081H L-1649A in freighter version taxiing to the take-off position in April 1962, Zoggavia Collection.

Sold to California Airmotive Corporation 6 September 1967. Leased and eventually sold to Willair International Inc. in August 1968.

N8081H L-1649A seen in the attractive Willair International colors just few days before its crash, September 1968, Peter F. Peyer Collection

Scrapped at Stockton airport, CA August 1969.

N8081H Willair International Inc.
August 68 - September 68

The 1649A N8081H of Willair International was on a training flight and during the final approach, the starboard undercarriage struck the 18cm (7 inch) lip of a blast pad approx. 30m (102 feet) short of the runway of Stockton, CA airport on 28 September 1968 at 16.13 hrs. (local). The Starliner undershoot the runway and was substantially damaged when the starboard undercarriage collapsed on touchdown and a fire broke out in the engine bay, both starboard propellers bent. Aircraft repairable, but in fact was scrapped instead late 1968. Constellation mishap. Scott Henderson Collection.