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Model 1649A-98-20 Starliner N7322C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7322C FN 322 'Star of the Po' and in service 30 July 1957.

N7322C L-1649A of TWA taken from a taxiing United DC-7 at New York Idlewild

August 1958 , Zoggavia Collection.

Delivered to LAS for all-cargo configuration after last passenger service 27 September 1960.  Returned to TWA December 1960 and used until 16 May 1967. Sold to California Airmotive Corporation 29 August 1967. Leased to Aerovias Halcon May 1968 until December 1968.

N7322C L-1649A receiving attention on its No. 1 engine in June 1968, Zoggavia Collection.

Scrapped at Miami, FL during first half of 1973

N7322C Aerovias Halcon
May 68 - December 68

N7322C Trans American Leasing
December 68 -- September 70

The Aerovias Halcon L-1649A seen unloading horses at Mexico in autumn 1968, Zoggavia

Leased to Trans American Leasing Inc.. Withdrawn from use in late 1970 after one engine failed during take-off from Miami International airport, FL on a heavily loaded cargo flight and the remaining three engines were over boosted on the go-around. Stored at Miami from September 1970 until December 1972.

Photo taken at Miami February 1969, Zoggavia Collection.