c/n 1024

Model 1649A-98-20 Starliner N7321C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7321C FN 321 'Star of the Euphrates' and in service 2 August 1957. Converted to 96-pax. charter version and re-entered service 16 December 1960.
N7321C L-1649A seen taxiing at London Heathrow, UK in May 1959, Scott Henderson Collection.

Withdrawn from use 29 march 1965 and sold to E. Bush 12 October 1965. Leased to World Samplers Inc. (travel club) November 1965 and sold later to Association of Flying Travel Clubs and continued to fly under World Samplers colors until August 1968.

N7321C in World Samplers Inc. colors during an European visit at Geneva Cointrin airport, Switzerland
in May 1967, Zoggavia Collection.

Sold to Janus Enterprises 17 January 1969 and later to Lodge Service Corporation 20 July 1970. Stored at Houston Hobby, TX March 1972 still wearing World Samplers colors.

Used for spares to make c/n 1040 airworthy and derelict by June 1974, later scrapped.