c/n 1017

Model 1649A-98-20 Starliner N7315C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7315C FN 315 'Star of the Tagus' and in service 27 June 1957. Converted to all-cargo configuration by Lockheed Air Services and returned to TWA by 1 December 1960.

N7315C L-1649A Starliner in freighter configuration seen at Chicago, O'Hare, July 1960,
Zoggavia Collection.

Operated TWA's last piston engined aircraft flight (cargo) 11 May 1967. Sold to California Airmotive and flown to Fox Field, Lancaster, CA. Stored until sold to Prudhoe Bay Oil Inc. in late 1968 and flown to Anchorage, AK, and used for spares by West-Air in restoration of Starliners c/n 1018 and 1038 during summer 1974..
Scrapped 1995.

N7315C Aeroborne Enterprises
79 - 80

N7315C missing some important parts.

Photo taken at Anchorage International, AK, June 1979, John Kimberly.