c/n 1016

Model 1649A-98-20 Starliner N7314C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7314C FN 314 'Star of Shannon' and in service 22 June 1957. Converted to 96-passenger charter configuration and re-entered service by 1 October 1960.

N7314C L-1649A Starliner parked at London Heathrow, June 1960,
Scott Henderson Collection.

Withdrawn from use 29 March 1965 and stored Kansas City airport until sold to Moral Rearmament 10 December 1965. Sold to Texhou 25 July 1966 and subsequently leased to Air Venturers and then to Holiday Wings Travel Club. While in use with Fly by Night Safaris, the Starliner was damaged in an aborted take4-off at McCarren Field, Las Vegas, NV, at night on 9 December 1968. While taking off, no. 3 engine failed at approx. 100mph. The remaining three engines were put in reverse pitch, causing the undercarriage to collapse. All 104 passengers were evacuated within two minutes, with only five person suffering minor injuries.

Scrapped at Las Vegas during 1969.

N7314C Holiday Wings

This 1649A changed ownership frequently. Here seen in Holiday Wings colors without titles just before transferring ownership to Fly by Night Safaris Inc.

Photo taken in second half of 1968, Las Vegas, NV, Zoggavia Collection.