c/n 1008

Model 1649A-98-09 Starliner N7307C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7307C FN 307 'Star of Montana' and in service 3 June 1957. Inaugurated non-stop polar service from London to San Francisco, CA, on 2 October, flying time 23 hrs. 20 mins. Withdrawn from service 3 October 1960. Sold to Trans Atlantica Argentina 30 September 1960 (TT: 11'227hrs.) as LV-PXL. Re-registered later to LV-GLI.

LV-GLI L-1649A prepared for another trip from Buenos Aires to Geneva, via Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Lisbon, February 1961,
Scott Henderson Collection.

Stored at Frankfurt, Germany, after Trans Atlantica ceased operations in November 1961. Returned to USA one year later and stored at Kansas, MO. Sold to FAA on 15 January 1964 to FAA as N7107C. Destroyed in FAA Safety Test at Deer Valley airport, near Phoenix , AZ on 3 September 1964. See video here...
Controlled crash in FAA test.