c/n 1006

Model 1649A-98-09 Starliner N7305C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7305C FN 305 'Star of Idaho' and in service 10 May 1957. Withdrawn from service 9 September 1960. Sold to Trans Atlantica Argentina 12 September 1960 (TT: 10'895 hrs.) as LV-PXM. Re-registered later to LV-GLH.

LV-GLH seen idle at London Heathrow April 1961,
Scott Henderson Collection.

The Starliner crashed on 19 June 1961. While landing at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the aircraft  hit the ground at the end of the runway. Both landing gears were sheared off, and the L-1649 skidded near 1000m. Substantial damage to fuselage, flaps, engines and propellers, although repairable the aircraft was stored unrepaired afterward.
Later broken up.