c/n 1003

Model 1649A-98-09 Starliner N7302C

Delivered to Trans World Airlines registered N7302C FN 302 'Star of Utah' and in service after maintenance training 2 June 1957.

                       N7302C L-1649A seen at New York Idlewild airport in August 1960, Zoggavia Collection.

Operated last TWA piston-engined trans-Atlantic service on flight TW905 Rome to New York, Idlewild 28 October 1961. Used on domestic network until 29 October 1962 (TT: 13'296 hrs.). Stored at Fairfax, Kansas City, MO, and withdrawn from use 9 March 1963.

N7302C L-1649A seen in Mexico during March 1966, Zogg

Leased to Flying Ambassadors Club during 1966. Repossessed by First National Bank of Hollywood by 1967 and stored at Fort lauderdale, FL.

Broken up during October 1968.