c/n 1002

Model 1649A-98-15 Starliner N7301C

Painted in Trans World Airlines colors, registered N7301C FN 301 'Star of Wyoming' and delivered after passing type certification tests to TWA  on 4 September 1957.

Roll out of N7301C at Burbank, California in August 1957, Zoggavia Collection.


N7301C seen taxiing at New York, NY Idlewild in September 1959, Zoggavia Collection.

Last service with TWA 31 August 1961 (TT: 11'000hrs.) and stored at Kansas City until sold on 14 October 1963 and leased to World Samplers travel club.

Crashed on landing to Bogota airport, Colombia, on 18 December 1966, while operating a passenger flight on behalf of Aerocondor from Miami, FL with the loss of 17 lives of total 56 passengers on board. The aircraft was flying unpressurized and was attempting to land in thick fog. Approx. 80m from the end of the runway the Starliner dropped suddenly and struck the bank of the Bogota River with all three undercarriage legs. The nosewheel section broke off, the aircraft skimmed across the lagoon, breaking off parts of the engines, propellers, fuselage, then struck the inner edge of a drainage ditch on the left of the extended center line of runway 12 approx. 10-20m before the threshold. The fuselage broke in two, wings and tail also broke off, but aircraft didn't catch fire. The manager of Aerocondor was in the cockpit with the pilots.

N7301C World Samplers (Travel Club)
August 65 - November 65

Leased from Bush Aviation for a short period in 1965. Used for Intercontinental and trans-Atlantic flights for their club members.

Mexico City August 1965, Zoggavia Collection