c/n 1001

Model 1649A-98-01 Starliner N1649

Prototype Model 1649 Starliner. First flight 10 October 1956, painted with white top and bare metal lower surfaces. Registered N60968 after July 1960 and then N1102 by mid 1963. Painted in MATS type colors and used by Lockheed until 1970.

N1102 L-1649A seen at Burbank May 1970, Zoggavia

Sold to American Jet Industries by October 1971. Returned to Burbank in November 1972 for delivery to Nagoya, Japan. Ferried non-stop Burbank, CA to Nogoya, Japan, arrived 15 December 1972. Converted into a Restaurant at Sanjo. Was transferred to various places, moved again to Nagoya in 1984.

Fate unknown. Information is welcome