Seaboard & Western

Seaboard & Western - When the company started its operations on 10 May 1947 it was the first all-cargo airline to fly over the Atlantic on a regular basis. The main type of aircraft was the Douglas DC-4. Seaboard & Western was the first and the only airline to order the commercial freighter version of the 1049D, on 12 December 1952. The four Super Constellations were delivered between August and September 1954 and deployed on routes like New York - Shannon - London - Frankfurt. Followed by services between Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Zurich.

c/n 4165 N6503C named 'Paris Airtrader' wearing the original Seaboard & Western colors
taxying to the take-off position at Idlewild in August 1955, Zoggavia Collecetion.

A further five Super Constellations, 1049Hs,were delivered between December 1956 and February 1957 enabling the airline to offer daily trans-Atlantic flights in each direction as far as London. 

L-1049D, later 1049H N6501C seen at London Heathrow  April 1960.

In the meantime Seaboard started to lease out their Super Connies:

The first arrangement was with BOAC (April 1955 - April 1956),
which operated two Super Connies on the
New York - Bermuda route.
N6503C and N6504C (photo Zoggavia Collection)

Six aircraft were used by Eastern Air Lines (December 1956 - June 1957).
N1005C, N1006C, N1007C, N1008C, N1009C and N1010C

Aerlinte Irish Air Lines, four aircraft in all (April 1958 - December 1960)
N1005C (photo Zoggavia Collection), N1008C, N1009C, and N611C

Sabena, three aircraft (May - October 1958)
N1006C (photo Clinton H. Groves Collection), N1007C and N1008C

TAP, one aircraft (June 58 - June 59)
N1010C became CS-TLD

In July 1961, the first Canadair CL-44s were delivered, and these started to replace the 1049D/Hs over the Atlantic from September 1961. At the same time Seaboard was renamed Seaboard World Airlines. All of the Constellations were subsequently traded into Canadair as part payment for the CL44s in early 1962, although several were leased back for own use and leasing out to companies like Capitol and Intercontinental. The last Connies were withdrawn from use or sold in 1966.

 Reg.  From To
4163 N6501C
54 62
 1049D 4164 N6502C 54 62
 1049D 4165
N6503C 54 58
 1049D 4166 N6504C 54 62
 1049E 4557 N1005C 56
 1049H 4802 N1006C 57 62
 1049H 4805 N1007C 57 62
 1049H 4806
57 62
 1049H 4807
57 62
 1049H 4808  N1010C 57 62

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 4163 N6501C L-1049D

c/n 4164 N6502C L-1049D

     c/n 4166 N6504C L-1049D

c/n 4802 N1006C L-1049H

c/n 4802 N1006C L-1049H

c/n 4802 N1006C L-1049H
c/n 4802 N1006C L-1049H

c/n 4802 N1006C L-1049H

c/n 4806 N1008C L-1049H

c/n 4807 N1009C L-1049H


August 54 - 62

Leased from Seagull Air Transport fro five years, delivered 4 June 1954, in use 19 August 1954. Sold to Canadair and leased back. To Capitol 30 December 1965.

Photo taken at London Heathrow March 1960.

September 54 - 62

Delivered to S & W as N6502C named 'Zurich Airtrader' on 2 September 1954. Sold back to Canadair 1962 and lease back, sub-leased to Capitol 1962 and sold on 30 December 1965.

'Zurich Airtrader' approaching Frankfurt, May 1959.

September 54 - 62

Delivered to S & W as N6504C named 'Frankfurt Airtrader' 28 September 1954. Leased to BOAC in full colors from 10 March 1955 until February 1956. Sold to Canadair and leased back, sub-leased to Capitol and later sold to LAPA as LV-PCQ. Crashed as 5T-TAC at Uli during Biafra airlift 4 June 1968.

Photo taken at New York Idlewild, October 1959, Zoggavia Collection.

December 56 - March 62

Delivered to S & W as N1006C 'Prestwick Airtrader' 5 December 1965. Leased to Eastern Air Lines January 1957 and returned June 1957. Leased to Sabena during World fair May - October 1958. Leased to Intercontinental, later to Capitol via Canadair in 1965.

Arrived from Frankfurt, New York Idlewild in November 1957. Please note the hybrid color scheme, Zoggavia Collection.

Another hybrid color scheme on N1006C, eventually after the lease to Sabena.

New York Idlewild during 1959, Zoggavia Collection)

All silver but with Seaboard & Western titles.

Any further information is welcome.

Again at New York Idlewild, date unkown.

N1006C seen in full S & W colors at London Heathrow Northside on the scheduled cargo services between New York - Shannon - London, which was extended twice weekly to Frankfurt.

London Heathrow in summer 1960.

Arriving from the Frankfurt - London schedule, New York Idlewild in 1959, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

January 57 - March 62

Delivered to S & W as N1008C named 'London Airtrader' on 28 January 1957. Leased to Sabena during World Fair in 1958 and later to Aerlinte as 95-Seater 3 June 1959. Last service with Irish International Airlines 27 September 1960. Mortgaged to Canadair and sub leased to Capitol Airways.

On approach to London Heathrow, in 1960. In Aerlinte colors with S & W titles, Kase Dekker Collection.

February 57 - 62

Delivered to S & W as N1009C named 'Shannon Airtrader' on 13 February 1957. Leased to Aerlinte as 95-Seater 24 April 1958. Used by S & W when not required by Aerlinte. Mortgaged to Canadair and sub leased to Intercontinental. later YV-C-LBP LEBCA followed as LV-JJO Aerotransportes Entre Rios.

Here seen on a Seaboard freight schedule at London Heathrow, December 1959.