Roll out of HB-RSC 2011

Breitling Super Constellation HB-RSC
roll out in new colors April 30, 2011


As widely advertised, the Breitling Super Connie was rolled out in her new colors at Lahr, Black Forest Airport on Saturday 30th. A large crowd awaited the roll out and they were not disappointed with that they saw. Similar to the old Luxair color scheme on their L-1649A Starliners, two blue cheat lines give the Connie an elegant touch.

The Connie was baptized by the Swiss ski jumper, Simon Amman, World and double Olympic champion. Unfortunately the Connie was not able to fly due to the lack of final approvals but she is scheduled to complete her check flights in the coming weeks. Congratulations to the folks of SCFA and involved companies for a great job done. We have the Connie back after 18 months.
Look at the other shots of classic airliners during this roll out day.

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