Panair do Brasil

Panair do Brasil - was formed on 29 October 1930 as Nyrba do Brasil, being taken over by Pan American, which renbamed the company Panair do Brasil on 15 September the same year.  The company used Sikorski S-38, later S-43, then DC-2s, Lockheed 18s and DC-3s. On 31 March 1946, the first of three L-049 Constellations ordered by Pan American for its subsidiary, arrived in Rio on delivery.

c/n 2049 PP-PCF during a check flight over the Californian coast,  March 1946, Lockheed Archives.

This was the first aircraft of a foreign airline to land at then new London Heathrow airport on 16 April 1946. Later the same month, the first scheduled service from Rio to London (via Recife, Dakar, Lisbon and Paris). With the arrival of the second 049 on 1 July 1946 a second round trip a week to Europe was started, one now terminating at Paris, the other at London. By April 1949 the 1000th Atlantic crossing had been made by the 049s, and the network had been extended to Zurich and Madrid in Europe and Montevideo in South America. Early in 1957 most of the European routes were taken over by DC-7C's and these Constellations were released to the domestic network. By end of 1958, the only Panair Connie flights to Europe were the twice weekly Rome, Istanbul and Beirut services. Early 1959 saw the peak of Constellation operations, when twelve Connies were operated. In March 1961 the newly delivered DC-8 had replaced the DC-7Cs on international routes and longer domestic routes were allocated to the DC-7Cs. 

c/n 2033 PP-PDD L-049  seen at Rio, May 1963, Zoggavia Collection.

The Connie fleet suffered a number of setbacks when between 1961 and 1962 four aircraft were lost in accidents. During 1963 two further Connies were damaged in accidents, others were had been withdrawn, thus bringing the Connie fleet down to 3 aircraft at the end of the year. On 10 February 1965, the three remaining Connies were still operating the Rio - Belem - Manaos schedule, and the three times weekly Rio to Belem service, Panair do Brasil was grounded by presidential decree, and declared bankrupt on 16 February 1965. The international routes were taken over by Varig, and the domestic network to Vasp. The remaining Connies were stored at Rio, were they later were auctioned, but most of them scrapped.

From To   
2049 PP-PCF
46 62
049 2048 PP-PCB
049 2062 PP-PCG
049 2060 PP-PCR 47
 049 2066 PP-PDA 47 53
 049 2056 PP-PDC 50 61
 049 2033 PP-PDD 51 63
 049 2047 PP-PDE 53
 149 2038 PP-PDF 53 65
 149 2037 PP-PDG 54 65
 149 2050 PP-PDH
55 65
 149 2057 PP-PDI
55 62
 049 2032  PP-PDJ 55 55
 049 2059 PP-PDK 55
2052 PP-PDP
2059 PP-PDQ 57 62

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 2057 PP-PDI L-149

c/n 2050 PP-PDH L-149

      c/n 2052 PP-PDP L-149

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Flight ticket Buenos Aires - Rio de Janeiro - Paris, July 1954

Constellation Ecuator crossing certificate

Seat B3 on the flight to Paris...


January 55 -  January 62

Delivered to Panair from Pan American 19 January 1955 as PP-PDI. Later named "Amador Bueno da Veiga'. Withdrawn from use and stored Rio Galeao  from January 1962, and eventually used for spares. Sold 28 April 1969 as scrap.

Photo taken at Lisbon, December 1954,  John Heggblom Collection.

January 55 - February 65

Delivered to Panair 4 January 1954 and later named 'Manuel Preto'. Damaged landing at Galeao, Rio, 13 December 1957. Repaired. Stored after bankruptcy until auctioned at Rio 28 April 1968 and later sold to ASAS.

Photo taken at Rio, September 1965, Zoggavia Collection.

December 57 - November 63

Delivered ex Aeronaves de Mexico 31 December 1957 and named later 'Fransisco Nimes de Siqueira'. Withdrawn from use and stored at Rio Galeao from November 1963. Sold for scrap 30 January 1970.

Seen in derelict state October 1967, Zoggavia Collection.