Nusantara Airways

Nusantara Airways - Formed on 3 September by a group of US and Indonesian businessmen as a division of Murphree Air International Inc., to operate international, domestic passenger and cargo services from Djakarta. The company planned to lease-purchase nine 1049Hs from Flying Tiger. The first aircraft was delivered in early September, the others were to follow at 30-days intervals. The first service was due to operated on 16 September 1968 to Manila and Singapore.

N6918C seen here at Singapore Paya Labar in September 1968
shortly after the aircraft was impounded on its delivery flight, Zoggavia Collection.

Three further aircraft were painted up in the Nusantara color-scheme, but after impounding of the first aircraft, the subsequent L-1049Hs never left the USA. All plans to operate the Super Connies were dropped by the end 1969 and the Super H's were leased out by Murphree Air International.

 Reg. From To
 1049H 4816
 1049H 4819 N6919C
 - -
 1049H 4636
 N174W  - -
 1049H 4674
 N173W -