Luxair - was formed in 1961 and started operations in the spring 1962 with an European network flown by F-27s. In 1964, a co-operative agreement was signed with Trek Airways of South Africa, under which Trek L-1649As were operated under Luxair colors and registrations on the low fare-flights to Johannesburg. The Starliners operated a weekly return trip from Luxembourg to Johannesburg with stops at Palma and Luanda, or Lisbon, Cape Verde Island and Luanda from April 1964 until June 1968.

Photo of c/n 1036 LX-LGY L-1649A in its final colors taken
at Luxembourg-Findel, May 1968, Zoggavia Collection.

From June 1968, Transglobe Britannias and CL-44s were leased on the Johannesburg - Luxembourg flights and the L-1649A's were used merely the weekly connecting flight to and from Gatwick to Luxembourg. The last Starliner was withdrawn from use by Luxair on 10 January 1969.

 Reg.  From To
1649A 1036 LX-LGY 66 69
1649A 1041 LX-LGZ 64 67
LX-LGX 67 68

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 1941 LX-LGZ L-1649A

c/n 1041 LX-LGZ L-1649A

c/n 1036 LX-LGY L-1649A

c/n 1036 LX-LGY L-1649A

c/n 1042 LX-LGX L-1649A


April 64 - May 67

Delivered ex World Airways, leased from Lufthansa, to Trek Airways as ZS-DTM 13 February 1964.  Registered LX-LGZ and operated by Luxair 4 April 1964 and operated first Luxembourg - Johannesburg schedule under LG410 on 11 April 1964.

Seen here idle in the old Luxair colors at London Gatwick May 1964, Zoggavia Collection.

Photographed at London Gatwick in revised Luxair colors in summer 1965,
Zoggavia Collection.

May 66 - January 69

Delivered ex Air France to Trek Airways on 19 April 1964. Registered to Luxair LX-LGY in May 1966. Operated last Luxair Starliner flight on 20 January 1969

Here seen departing from London Gatwick to Johannesburg in late 1966, 
Zoggavia Collection.

Another shot of LX-LGY idle at London Gatwick in 1967, Scott Henderson Collection.

May 67 - June 1968

Purchased from Lufthansa 27 February 1964. Registered to Luxair as LX-LGX 18 May 1965 and operated until 10 June 1968.

Nice shot taken at London Gatwick in summer 1966, Scott Henderson Collection.