Korean National Airlines - Koreanair - Korean Aviation Co. was founded in 1926 and renamed Korean National Airways in May 1947, when it was taken over by the Korean Government. The airline operated DC-3s and Stinsons until the operations were stopped in 1950, however re-started in 1951 with a DC-4. A Constellation was bought 1959 and put into weekly service on the route from Seoul to Hong Kong from December 1959 until June 1962, when the airline was reorganized into Korean Air Lines. Domestic operations were started in December 1962 with DC-3s and DC-4s and the Connie having been sold to Aero Transport.

HL102 L-749A Constellation seen here at Tokyo in 1961, Joe Pries Vintage Collection.

In April 1966, a 1049H Super Constellation was leased from Flying Tiger to operate a planned Seoul - Tokyo - Seattle, WA service. Although a CAB permit was granted in January 1967, the service to the USA was never in fact operated by the Super Connie, and instead the aircraft was used on a three-times weekly service from Seoul to Osaka from the end of 1966 until December 1967, when a DC-9 took over. Additionally charter work was carried out in South-east Asia with the Super Connies.

HL4002 in Flying Tiger colors and with Korean Airlines titles seen at Osaka in 1966.

 Reg. From To
749A 2551 HL102 59 62
 1049H 4819
 HL4002 66
 1049H 4816
 HL4006 67 67

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 2551 HL102 L-749A   


December 1959 - June 1962

Bought from Transocean Airlines, former N90607, this Connie with Korean National Airlines until end of June 1962.

HL102 on the ramp at Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong 1960