Hawthorne Nevada

Hawthorne Nevada Airlines - The company started operations in August 1963 on an air-taxi certificate under the name Mineral County Airlines. DC-3's were operated with a CAB exemption between Long Beach, CA and Hawthorne, NV, and also from Burbank, CA to Hawthorne. In June 1968 an 049 was purchased, and used on the Long Beach and Burbank to Hawthorne service to fly customers from Los Angeles area to the Nevada casinos. The operating name of Hawthorne Nevada was used which was changed to Nevada Airlines in April 1969. Additional flights to Lake Tahoe, San Jose and Oakland were added until the Connie was withdrawn by September 1969 and plans to purchase a second 049 and an Electra dropped, when the company ceased operations.

N9412H on final approach to Lake Tahoe in June 1969, Zoggavia Collection.

 Reg. From To
049 2072 N9412H 68 69

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 2072 N9412H

c/n 2072 N9412H


June 1968 - September 1969

Bought from McCulloch properties 3 June 1968 and operated under Hawthorne Nevada Airlines until March 1969.

Burbank September 1968, Zoggavia Collection.

June 1968 - September 1969

Operated under Air Nevada from 16 March 1969 until September 1969.

Here seen in storage at Long Beach in April 1970, Zoggavia Collection.