Falcon Airways

Falcon Airways - Captain Marian Kozubski founded the company in December 1958 which started with  a single Vickers Viking in March 1959. Two Hermes were added later in the year. 1960 was a successful year for Falcon despite a high profile overshoot  at Southend which left a Hermes on the railway track but no injuries. This fleet had all been sold by the autumn of 1960. In early 1961 three Constellation where purchased. All three were ex BOAC and had been traded to Capital for L.749 models in the emergency post-Comet1 re-equipment. Kozubski ferried them across the Atlantic personally, but only G-AHEL and G-AMUP entered service. Falcon incurred fines for operating G-AHEL transatlantic without inadequate navigation aids and dinghies. The defense was that a more direct eastbound route had been taken due to diagnosis of pneumonia in baby passenger on an immigrant flight at Gander. 

                                                                                                                                                                             Zoggavia Collection

In April 1961, several flights were made from Gatwick to European destinations, and then from May to September 1961 regular IT charter flights for Universal Sky Tours to Barcelona, Malaga, Munich, Oporto, Palma, and Valencia were undertaken. Most of the flights were made with G-AMUP, as the first aircraft G-AHEL was sold to Trans European in July 1961. Falcon was involved in further difficulties with the British authorities when the airline was refused permission to charter Aero Transport of Austria's 049 when Falcon was short of capacity in the high season. Falcon's final flights were carried out in the first weeks of September. Finally on 21 September the Air Operator's Certificate was withdrawn on the grounds of air safety. Kozubski continued to fly Constellations, firstly, as chief pilot of Austrian outfit Aero Transport which had had connections with Falcon, the Constellation being one of the ex Falcon, ex Capital batch. They went out of business after allegations of gun running in Djibouti. On the collapse of Aero Transport, Kozubski faced charges for tax and customs offenses. He next surfaced as owner of Britair East Africa, with, again, an ex Falcon and Capital L.049 which had meanwhile been with Euravia. This flew tours from Rotterdam to East Africa for the 1965 season and then folded. Kozubski later flew with Aden Airways and, like many of his style, got involved in the Biafra - Nigeria war (1967 - 68), flying DC-3's and DC-4's as rudimentary bombers. While thus engaged he suffered severe combat injuries. He recovered however, and after the war, in 1971, returned to fly again in Nigeria, where, he claimed, the authorities allowed him to fly on his terms. He died in 1979.  

 Reg. From To
G-AHEJ 61 61
049 2051 G-AMUP 61 61
049 1977 G-AHEL 61 61
049 1969 OE-IFA 61 61

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 1975 G-AHEJ L-049   

c/n 1977 G-AHEL L-049

c/n 2051 G-AMUP L-049

c/n 2051 G-AMUP L-049

c/n 1969 OE-IFA L-049


January 1961  - December 1962

Bought from Capital Airlines in 1961 and ferried from Washington to Hurn on 21 January 1961. Used for crew training in February 1962 but never entered service with Falcon. Ferried to Biggin Hill 25 February 1962 for use as spares. Sold to Trans European for spares and later to Aero-Transport in December 1962.

Biggin Hill spring 1961, Zogg Collection.

March 1961 - July 1961

Bought from Capital Airlines in 1961 and delivered ex Montreal via Gander to Hurn 24 March 1961 to Hurn. Sold to Trans European 13 July 1961 and operated for Falcon Airways from July to August 1961

Biggin Hill April 1961.

January 1961 - September 1961

Bought from Capital Airlines in 1961 and delivered ex Washington via Gander to London Heathrow 7 January 1961. 

Here seen at London Heathrow January 1961 after arrival from USA.


January 1961 - September 1961

The only Falcon Connie in Capital's red color scheme with Falcon's black scheme and converted to 82-seater at London during February 1961 and delivered to London Gatwick 1 March 1961.

London Gatwick March 1961, Zoggavia Collection.

August 1961 - September 1961

Purchased from TWA 21 June 1961 for Aerotransport and delivered Kansas City - Washington - Gander - Hurn to Vienna Schwechat 28 June 1961. Operated on lease to Falcon until August 1961.

Vienna Schwechat May 1964, Zogg Collection.