El Al

El Al Israel Airlines - Founded in November 1948, the Israeli carrier began operations in mid 1949 with leased DC-4s on routs from Tel Aviv to Rome and Paris. In June 1950, three 049s were bought as replacement for the DC-4s, and, after conversions at Burbank, the aircraft were delivered during the spring of 1951. In 1952, El Al placed an order for 1049E Super Constellations, but the order was later cancelled and instead a fourth 049 was purchased in 1953. The network serviced included destinations as New York, Johannes burg and several cities in Europe like Paris, London, Athens and Zurich. The fourth 049 entered service with the airline on 25 June 1954. On 22 December 1957, Britannias started taking over the 049s on the New York route, however all 049s were used during the peak season in 1958. 1961 saw the final season for the Connies and after a period of us as back-up aircraft the last scheduled flights in October 1961, the Connies were phased out at the end of the year.

 Reg.  From To
 049 1965 4X-AKA  51 61
 049 1967
 4X-AKB  51 61
 049 1968 4X-AKC  51 55
 049 1980 4X-AKD
 54 61
 049 2061 4X-AKE
 55 61

c/n 1967 4X-AKB L-049

May 51 - December 61

Transferred to the Jewish Agency as NC67930 and sold to El AL 19 December 1950. Delivered March 1951 and later converted to 049D referred as 249 for El Al. Stored from December 1961, sale as HB-IEB fell through and later sold to Universal Sky Tours in February 1962

Seen here upon arrival at New York Idlewild airport in late 1958, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

c/n 1980 4X-AKD L-049

June 54 - December 61

Bought from Los Angeles Air Services and registered for EL AL as 4X-AKD October 1953. In service by 25 June 1954. Damaged by fire at Lod in April 1958 but repaired. Sale to Switzerland as HB-IED (registered 24 February 1959) but not taken up. Stored at Tel Aviv during 1961 until sold to Universal Sky Tours in February 1962.

Photo taken at London Heathrow 1962. Scott Henderson Collection.

c/n 1965, 67, & 68 4X-AKA, 4X-AKB, and 4X-AKC

June 51 - December 61

In June 1950 three 049 Connies were bought as replacments for the DC-4s. After modifications at Burbank the Constellations were delivered in spring of 1951. The photo shows all three idle at Tel Aviv.

Photo taken in 1953, Eddie Coates Collection.