Douglas Props in 2009 by Paul Zogg

Florida Air Transport's immaculate fleet of Douglas piston aircraft types; DC-4, DC-6 and DC-7, additionally the Eastern DC-7 and the Priscilla DC-3 which later became the Breitling DC-3 later the year.  Look at some quiet unusual photos, taken At Opa Locka  FL, February 2009.

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Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-4

Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC-7

Douglas DC-7 Eastern

Breitling Super Constellation Galleries

Story and action shots of the Breitling Super Constellation at Dübendorf in 2014

10 years Super Constellation Dübendorf - 20.9.2014 - action day with 5 takeoffs and 5 landings on the same day.

Aboard the Breitling Connie from Sion to Basel

Roll out of the Breitling Super Constellation at Lahr on 30 April 2011

The Constellation surrounded by the Breitling DC-3 and other piston goodies. Look at the photos.

Landing and take-off shots of the Breitling Connie taken during 2011. With special thanks to Peter Peyer Andi Hiltl and Ugo Vicenzi

War birds and other propeller driven aircraft 2009
by Paul Zogg

Kissimmee Gateway airport in Florida hosts  Stallion 51 Corporation a FAA certified organization

which owns and operates these beautiful North American P-51 'Crazy Horse' and TF-51D 'Crazy HorseĀ² ' Mustangs available for orientation flights, training, and air shows.

Located in
  the museum,
warbirdadventures.com operates two AT-6 Texans for pleasure and training flights. 
Fantasy of  Flight,
Polk City, FL

The vintage aircraft, ,acquired by lifelong aviation enthusiast and founder of Fantasy of Flight, Kermit Weeks, represents all eras of aviation from early flight to the 1950s.