Connie slides wanted

zoggavia is looking to complete the Constellation collection with slides and / or photos. We are looking particularly for the following Connies and Airlines:

  • Aerlinte Eireann L-749
  • Air France L-049
  • ALA Cubana L-049
  • ALA Chile L-049
  • American Overseas L-049
  • BraniffL-049
  • Cubana L-049
  • Delta CS L-649
  • Eastern L-049; one aircraft was painted up in 1946 but never operated
  • Ethiopian L-749/C-121
  • Flying Tiger L-049; painted in full colors in 1953 but not taken up
  • Futura Airlines L-049
  • Intercontinental Airways L-049
  • KLM L-049
  • Lloyd Aereo Paraguayo SA. L-049
  • Paramount L-049
  • Qantas L-749
Super Constellations
  • Aerovias Panama L-1049G
  • Aviateca L-1049H; this aircraft was leased from March 72 to May 72 in part Aviateca colors
  • California Eastern L-1049H
  • Lebanese Air Transport - L.A.T.C.O L-1049C AP-AFS ex PIA
  • Resort Airlines L-1049 G & H
  • Sabena L-1049H
  • Transtate Airlines L-1049E or H
  • LAI L-1649
  • c/n: 1015 N7313C, 1022 N7319C, 1035 N7325C, and 1039 N8084H
Military Connies
  • Connies taken before 1970
  • Indonesian Air Force
Should you have any of these slides to offer please let us know and we are happy to pay a fair price or are ready to trade for Connie slides we have available for exchange. We might be also interested in other classic airliner slides, just get in contact with us and let us know.
Thank you for helping us to complete one of the most comprehensive Connie slide collections in the world.

updated 20170114

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