California Hawaiian

California Hawaiian Airlines - was incorporated in California in 1946. Charles C. Sherman and Edna K. Sherman (who also owned California Central Airlines operating Martin 2-0-2s and DC-3s) controlled the airline until 1952 when both airlines suspended operations. Later in 1952 a 049 was leased from Los Angeles Air Services, and low fare services were flown  between the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu, Hawaii. In February 1954 CHA and CCA went into voluntary Bankruptcy. California Hawaiian Airlines remerged in 1955 under the same ownership and operations were started in January 1959. In 1960 two 1049s were leased from TWA for charter and MATS contract work. Flights were also made to Europe, mainly Frankfurt during the period June until October 1961.

Photo of c/n 4020 N6906C L-1049 taken at Oakland, California 1961, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

In 1961-62 several 749As were leased in addition to a 1049. After MATS disqualified the airline the interim operating certificate was revoked the aircraft all returned to their lessors.

 Reg.  From To
 1980 N74192
 52 53
749A  2519 N102A  61 62
749A  2521 N104A 61 62
749A  2610 N115A 61 62
749A  2614 N117A 61 62
 1049  4019 N6905C 60
 1049  4015 N6901C 60
 1049  4020 N6906C

Construction number/registration/type

c/n 1980 N74192 L-049

c/n 4019 N6905C L-1049

c/n 4020 N6906C L-1049

April 52 - September 53

Leased from Los Angeles Air Service. Used as a 60-Seater to Hawaii until second half of 1953. Later sold to El Al in October 1953 as 4X-AKD. 

Seen here during routine maintenance at Los Angeles in 1952, Clinton H. Groves Collection.

January 60 - April 62

Lease-purchased by CHA 6 January 1960 (TT: 18'932 hrs). First trans-Atlantic crossing with California Hawaiian in June 1960. Reclaimed by TWA at New York - La Guardia 9 April 1962 due to non-payment of fees.

Photo taken at Oakland, CA in 1961,
Clinton H. Groves Collection.

November 61 - May 62

This Super Connie was leased from California Airmotive from late 1961 to mid 1962.

Here seen at Oakland, CA March 1962, Zoggavia Collection.